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ReDraft League

Posted on: August 29, 2008 9:07 am

A few of my buddies and I have been talking about how to make a different style fantasy league to keep things interesting.  The guys doing this league are nuts about fantasy football.  Below are the rules to what we are calling the ReDraft League.  The idea is that you are drafting a new team each week and you can't use the same guys twice.  We are keep the league to 4 teams this year to try it out.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  It would be great to have some other people put some leagues together and let me know how they go.

   $15 entry fee (one time cost)
   Drafts will be held Wednesdays via email
   Week one draft order will be drawn randomly
   Each draft round will snake
   A new team will be drafted each week
   A player can NOT be used twice by the same   team
   The 1st pick rotates each week

        QB          1
        RB          1
        WR          2
        FLEX      1(WR/TE/RB)
        DEF        1(DEF/SP. TEAMS/KICKER
                      all from same team)
      Touchdown (passing, rushing,
                    receiving)     6pts 
          ---Double Shock 50+ yards
     Special Teams Touchdown       6pts
     PAT’s                         1pt
     Missed PAT                    -1pt
Field Goal                        3pts
   40+ yards                      4pts
   50+ yards                      5pts
200yds Rushing                    3pts
200yds Receiving                  3pts
300yds passing                    3pts
Shutout def)                      5pts
Sack                              1pt
INT (thrown)                      -1pt
INT (def)                         +1pt
Fumble Loss                       -1pt
Fumble recovery (def)             +1pt
Regular Season: Each team plays everyone 4 times
*A tie will be counted as a tie    ** Total points breaks tie for final season rankings

Playoffs: Based on where you finished in regular season
1st round: #1 vs #4                 #2 vs #3
Final:     Winner of each game (duh)
*Ties are broken by total regular season wins
**Total points breaks tie of total wins (including playoff points)
***Fight to the death wins it after that
Regular season winner gets entry fee back
Super Bowl winner takes the rest

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